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About Red Brush Art

Posted by Lyn Russell on

I went to a talk this morning with the amazing Andrea Edwards , The Digital Conversationalist Her talk inspired me to write our first real blog for our new business.  People have been asking about our background and where the name Red Brush Art came from. So here is some of the story of our journey to Red Brush Art.  I'm sure as you follow our continuing journey, you will find out a lot more about us, our artwork and our lives. Old Woman Island, Mudjimba Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia | Acrylic on Canvas Have you ever been in the situation where you need to leave your work, family and friends and follow your husband to another country for his...

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New Website

Posted by Shopify API on

Thanks for dropping by Red Brush Art to take a look. You may notice things aren't fully finished and working yet. We are working very hard on having the new website fully functional, so please check back again soon.   We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions, so please contact us, or comment below with any of your ideas.

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Welcome to Red Brush Art

Posted by Glenn Russell on

Welcome to Red Brush Art (formerly Glenn Russell Creations). Our new website will be up and running very soon. Please check back to see our new artwork and products.   Our Glenn Russell Creations website is still available to view and make your purchases. Go to now.

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