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Dinosaurus Alphabetus is a book that is suitable for a large age group. It is highly educational and entertaining, covering every letter of the alphabet, with a beautiful painting and short verse for each dinosaur and accompanying factual information about the dinosaur. The book also includes accompanying Educational Activity suggestions that can be used in a classroom setting or at home. The artwork in the book is from original paintings Glenn has done, and the accompanying verse is also by Glenn. We hope you enjoy the beautiful artwork and verse in our Dinosaurus Alphabetus eBook. Prints of the original paintings are available here

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Secret Life of Elephants is a book that children and adults will enjoy. Do you really know what elephants get up to when nobody is watching? Join the three whimsical elephants on their many adventures. It is simply amazing what elephants can really do when they think nobody is looking. The artwork in the book is all from original paintings Glenn has created, as is the accompanying verse for each adventure. We are sure you will delight in exploring the Secret Life of Elephants in this new eBook. Prints of the original paintings from Secret Life of Elephants are available from here

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Tigers Dream Too is a book suited to younger children. The main character, Tiga, loves to dream. Join Tiga as he dreams of many adventures and places he would like to visit. Tiga is a special character in our family. He first came about when our eldest two children were young and we had first moved to Singapore. We were driving down Old Holland Road in Singapore in the mid 90's. At that time Old Holland Road had jungle either side and it felt as though you were in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the jungle. On this particular day, as were driving through the 'jungle', we heard a loud bang on the car roof. The children were a bit worried, so Glenn told them it was nothing to worry about, it was just Tiga the Tiger joining us on our adventure. From that moment on, Tiga came everywhere with us and shared our wonderful experiences as a family.

Look out for another of Glenn's books, Tiga in Singapore, which will be released soon. Prints of the original paintings in Tigers Dream Too will be available from the store soon

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